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Effortlessly Develop Healthier And Happier Drivers

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Your Drivers' Health Is Killing Your Bottom Line.

Unhealthy drivers are a risk to your company.

Here are some statistics that show just how unhealthy your drivers are:

We Want To Help You Combat These Statistics. And We'll Do It In A Way That Your Company Has Nothing To Lose.

Check Out What The Former President Of The American Trucking Association Has To Say:

“The Truck Fitness Company has built a “how to” roadmap for health and wellness finally making it possible for the 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States to get and stay healthy. Truck driver health and wellness today remains a tier one industry priority as it has for decades. Healthy drivers mitigate risk, increase productivity, and guarantee commitments to safety while delivering our critical goods. Simply stated, an industry on duty for America 24/7/365 needs to be healthy. The Truck Fitness Company has created practical and proven solutions in real time for an industry that needs to solve a critical problem, today. I would recommend you kick their tires and put them to work for you!”
American Trucking Association drivers' health
William J. Canary
Former President and CEO American Trucking Associations (2001-2003)

Benefits of having healthier and happier drivers:

  • increased retention
  • Decreased work comp claims
  • Decreased health insurance premiums
  • Increased driver satisfaction
  • Safer drivers
  • More energized and focused drivers
  • Better company culture
  • Less failed DOT Physicals
"Trucking Fitness Company is a trailblazer in the trucking industry setting a new standard for the importance of the health and wellness of the professional driver. The platform is intuitive and the programming is flexible for individuals of all health backgrounds. The Founder/CEO Mark Manera has quickly become a thought leader helping shape how drivers and companies can make health a priority and quickly implement an effective solution."
Mark Colson
Alabama Trucking Association - CEO

Partnership Features
What your company will get:

Free access to offer our TruckFit exercise and nutrition program as a benefit to your fleet

Your drivers will receive a 50% discount off of our program that you can offer as a payroll deduction benefit. Scroll down to see more details of our driver specific exercise and nutrition program.

exercise program for truck drivers

Personalized onboarding marketing campaign designed for your company to promote this new benefit

We will create, design, and layout a marketing campaign to promote this new program to your drivers. The more drivers exercising and eating healthier in your fleet, the better for both of us! So, we’ll design promotional material to help your company maximize participation!

weight loss for truck drivers

Quarterly promotional campaigns sent out to your drivers to remind/encourage them to participate

We don’t force any drivers to participate, but we do continually remind them that this benefit is available! We will create, design, and layout a quarterly marketing campaign to promote this program to your drivers.

And There Is More!

Free Bonuses - Only Available With Partnership

truck driver health and wellness

One Monthly Piece Of Content

We will send your company one piece of driver specific health and wellness related piece of content every month. Your company can use this anywhere – newsletter, social media, blog, etc

healthy snacks for truck drivers

Healthy Snacks On The Road Checklist

Send all of your drivers (in the program or not) this PDF checklist that will walk them through healthy snack options they can keep in their truck or find at a truck stop

truck driver health and wellness for insurance companies

Show Your Insurance Company You Care About Drivers’ Health and They Should, too Blueprint

A PDF that shows the statistics and research behind how unhealthy the average truck driver is, the cost it has on your company and your insurance company, and how your company is combating those statistics with our program.

Driver health testimonials

Access To Your Drivers' Testimonials

Get access to all testimonials/highlights of your drivers’ health, fitness, and weight loss journey. Use this as promotional material for your company, driver recognition, help show other drivers in your fleet it’s possible, etc

press release for your company

Personalized Press Release

We will create and post one free personalized press release that shows how your company cares about drivers’ health – shared on all our social medias

logo on our TFC partner page

Your Logo Featured On Our TFC Partnership Page

Your company’s logo with hyperlink to any page on your website will be featured on our TFC’s Partnership page. You can use this as a recruiting opportunity, brand awareness, etc

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

Your company will receive exclusive sponsorship/advertising opportunities on Trucking Fitness Radio podcast – The #1 drivers’ health and wellness podcast in the world

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Here are messages from other industry leaders:

"Spending the last 25yrs working within the insurance industry I have seen, firsthand, the general position the insurance industry takes with professional truck drivers. As a profession, truck driving remains one of the riskiest occupations to insure. AND it's not because of bad drivers. It is predominantly health related. To this point, when we discovered The Trucking Fitness Company and saw what Mark Manera was setting out to do I immediately reached out to him looking to design a way for our company to add their program into as many of our insurance offerings as possible. Thank you Mark Manera for following through on your vision to change the way drivers approach their health."
drivers' health insurance
Mark Stowe
Executive Vice President of TKM Group Ventures Inc.
"I was very impressed with The Trucking Fitness Company and how concerned Mark Manera was about drivers' health and wellness. What impressed me the most is his willingness to listen to drivers and address their concerns. Mark is determined to make a difference in the lives of drivers, and he already has for many. I personally started this program a few months ago. Like many, I was hesitant at first. But not for the usual reasons. I suffer from severe arthritis and have since I was in my early teens. With several knee surgeries under my belt I am always concerned with further injury. I've tried gyms and usually dropped out due to severe pain. Mark listened to my concerns and took baby steps helping me to regain some strength in my muscles, then slowly started to integrate exercises into my program. I still have a long way to go but I know with The Trucking Fitness Company's help and support I'll get there."
Shelley Walker (Uvanile-Hesch)
Founder/CEO Women's Trucking Federation of Canada and Truck Driver

We Want To Help Your Drivers!

Membership Features
What your drivers will get:

Exercise on the road without the headache of finding a gym or buying extra equipment!

Your drivers will get daily 5-20 minute workouts personalized to their current fitness level that can be done in or just outside of their truck (no gym or special equipment required)

Eat healthy on the road without spending extra money or going out of your way to find different food options!

Follow the Level Up Nutrition program designed to help drivers develop easy to do nutritional habits (takes 1 min / day) that create life changing results while on the road. Each driver starts at Level 1 and work their way up level by level (fits any diet preference)

level up nutrition program

Personalized support and community built for the trucking lifestyle!

24/7 access to messaging a TruckFit certified coach with any questions your drivers have (no limit). Access to the #1 trucking health and wellness community built of drivers ready to help others make this change (includes weekly group calls). Daily messages sent to your drivers through our app to motivate, educate, and keep them accountable while on the road (we’re here to help them stick with this)

community for truck drivers

Connect wearable to our app!

Connect your drivers’ Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Withings wearable to our app to track:

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Caloric Burn
  • Body Weight
apple watch connection for truck drivers
sleep tracker for truck drivers
"I didn't realize how out of shape I was. Just doing The Trucking Fitness Company's workouts, I thought they would be a piece of cake. Nope. I was out of breath and sweating! It's good for me. I also feel better during the day after doing them in the morning!"
Jason Webber
Truck Driver

Yeah.... There Is More

Free Bonuses - Only Available With Membership

resistance bands for truck drivers

Free Resistance Band and eBook

A free resistance band (all the equipment you’ll need) and eBook titled “Resistance Bands: The only piece of gym equipment truckers need to lose weight on the road” that will walk your drivers through how to get the most out of their free resistance band, different ways they can use it in/around their truck, and access to our Resistance Band Exercise Vault playlist of 95+ resistance band exercises

truck drivers eat healthy at any fast food restaurant

How To Eat Healthy At Any Fast Food Restaurant Without Breaking The Bank

A guide to help truck drivers make quick, affordable, and healthy choices at any restaurant on the road!

truck drivers build healthy meals at truck stop

How To Build A Healthy Meal At Any Truck Stop

A system designed for truckers of any nutritional preferences to build quick, easy, and healthy meals at any truck stop.

recipes to cooking healthy meals in your truck for truck drivers

5 Minute Simple Recipes In Your Truck

A recipe eBook built to help truck drivers cook and eat healthy meals in your truck in 5 minutes or less!

grocery store shopping checklist for truckers

Grocery Store Shopping Checklist For Truckers

A PDF checklist that your drivers can bring to the grocery store that will walk them through the exact items to buy to stock their truck up with healthy food/snacks for the week.

healthy snacks for truck drivers

Healthy Snacks On The Road Checklist

A PDF that walks your drivers through healthy snack options that they can keep in their truck or find at their local truck stop.

how truck drivers can sleep better in their truck

Sleep Like A Baby On The Road

A system to help your drivers maximize their ability to sleep in their truck and at home. The program will help them optimize their sleep routine so that they’re well rested and ready to go every morning!

Monthly Group Calls with a Certified TruckFit Coach

Get access to 60 minute monthly live calls with other truck drivers in this program where your drivers can ask any questions that they have to a certified TruckFit coach, get to know our coaches and other members, and socialize with like minded drivers.

Worried Your Drivers Won't Do Well In Our Program?

These are real messages we have received from our members:

Ready for your drivers to make a change?


We get it, you probably haven't seen a program like this before. So, we want to answer any questions you have.

Have more questions? No problem, email us at mark@thetruckingfitness.com

Being A Professional Driver Doesn't Mean You Have To Be Unhealthy.

"After experiencing shoulder and arm pain for months, I was introduced to The Trucking Fitness Company, and after implementing the resources they offer in my day to day life, the pain started decreasing and I began to see an increase in my energy levels. Mark is very resourceful and has helped me to adjust and overcome certain limitations with different exercises. At this point, when I am unable to exercise I can feel the difference in the way I feel and sleep, which forces me to look for time to exercise. I really recommend The Trucking Fitness Company to everyone that wants a better quality of life."
Ana Ochoa
Driver at Skelton Truck Lines

Want to give your drivers access to our program?