Tips for eating healthier on the road

If you travel alot, and you’ve got deadlines you know what it’s like to eat on the run.

You’ve gotta make a half hour drive with little room to spare and you’re hungry. Some would say skip the meal till you can get something worthwhile, but maybe as far as you can tell the only option will be fast food.

Everybody talks about the evils of fast food, and yes it’s not the greatest but it’s food. It’s got carbs, fats, and protein. Weight loss, recomposition, whatever your goal is hinges on those 3 things.

Aside from finding a time portal to give you more time here’s a few tips to help keep you eating healthy on the road:

  1. Skip the buns and the fries. If you are a truck driver you are not in need of those blood sugar spikes. All they serve to do is give you the crash afterward and add some fat to your middle. If you’re sitting all day just eat the burger and chug down a diet coke if soda is one of your vices.
  2. Settle down that sweet tooth with whip cream. Yes, I’m talking about that topping you see on sundaes. It is delicious, but have you ever looked at a nutritional label for it? It’ll take care of that sweet craving without adding the calories of chocolate or whatever candy is your choice.
  3. Drink more water. This one is easy to figure out, but if your stomach is filled with liquid you not be as hungry. Get some crystal light mix if you think water is too plain for you.
  4. Log your meals. It sounds crazy but if you sit down and write I ate this, that, and this it will help you realize if you’ve been making good choices at the truck stop or whatever fast food joint you get stuck with.
  5. Plan ahead. If you go to a restaurant with a general idea of what you need you won’t be as tempted to splurge on a milkshake or that pastry you’re eyeing.

That’s just a few things to focus on.

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