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K&J Trucking and The Trucking Fitness Company Partnership

K&J Trucking and The Trucking Fitness Company Team Up To Combat The Drivers' Health Problem

K&J Trucking, a premier refrigerated carrier, and The Trucking Fitness Company, today announced the availability of a wellness initiative that will change the way K&J drivers think about their health while on the road!

The partnership between K&J Trucking and The Trucking Fitness Company allows drivers to have the resources and guidance to learn how to exercise in or just outside of their truck, eat healthy on the road, and stay accountable to the changes they are making. 

“It’s been great to see how much K&J cares about their drivers. When we first met with their leadership team, I could tell that they truly were a driver first company and wanted the best for them on the road and at home,” said Mark Manera, The Trucking Fitness Company CEO. 

The drivers’ health problem in the trucking industry is growing as more research and statistics are coming out and industry experts are trying to establish solutions to problems such as the driver shortage.

Jennifer Raddatz, the Director of Safety at K&J Trucking said “We are very excited to offer a program like this to our drivers. Being in the industry for some time, it’s clear drivers health is a problem, but we had struggled to find something that truly fits into our drivers’ lifestyle until we found The Trucking Fitness Company,”

The Trucking Fitness Company is taking a proactive approach at solving the drivers’ health problem by partnering with trucking companies to establish an industry leading wellness program for zero cost to the trucking company’s bottom line. 

Mark Manera, The Trucking Fitness Company’s CEO, said “We believe that the drivers’ health epidemic is only going to be solved if it’s backed by the whole industry, and I think trucking companies can play a big part in this solution,”

The partnership between K&J Trucking and The Trucking Fitness Company is one step closer to The Trucking Fitness Company’s mission to change the way the trucking industry thinks of drivers’ health.

If your company would like to get involved or partner with The Trucking Fitness Company, click below. 

About The Trucking Fitness Company

The Trucking Fitness Company is an app based platform that helps trucking companies develop healthier and happier drivers behind the wheel for zero cost to their bottom line.  With The Trucking Fitness Company, our customers are offering industry leading wellness programs to their drivers — and you can too.  Join The Trucking Fitness Company network where you can differentiate your company from competitors, show your drivers you care about their health, and save money from decreased work comp claims and health insurance premiums.