Fitness Gear for those on the go…

Today we will talk about potential equipment for truck drivers, or traveling people. We’re talking stuff that’s very portable and easy to setup and break down. We’ll go over pros and cons for both.

  • Dumbbells – I had a set of dumbbells and 40 lbs of weight when I was driving. If memory serves I paid 40 bucks for them at Walmart and they served some benefits. That being said they are not amazing portable, 40 pounds is heavy to carry around. You can break them down easy, but if you are a driver looking to save on weight I probably wouldn’t recommend dumbbells. For somebody living out of an RV I could see the justification for a set, otherwise not your greatest option.
  • Pullup bar – If you are determined enough you can install a pullup bar almost anywhere. I had one that was above my bed and it helped me keep that skill. I even worked my way up to doing 35 strict pullups in a row, while being an OTR truck driver. Not everybody will have the ability to do pullups at first, but they can be setup lower for bodyweight rows, a raised surface to do pushups on or even something to hang from to build grip strength. If you’re crazy enough you can find a pullup bar almost anywhere and I would have done that if I wasn’t so shy about my fitness. This isn’t a necessary purchase to get fit but if you have the extra 30-40 bucks for a bar that you expand to jam in place or a doorway pullup bar it’s probably worth it. As an added bonus they make some doorway models that double for dips and pushups.
  • Suspension trainer – There is no reason as somebody who is interested in staying fit, getting fit, whatever it be to not have a suspension trainer especially as a truck driver. The average one might weight 2 pounds, you can anchor it from almost anywhere and the versatility of it is of the charts. You can get a decent suspension trainer for about 50 bucks on amazon. If you don’t feel like signing up for this site and getting workouts from us there is a large library of exercises across the internet and you can figure out training for that.
  • Resistance Bands – You can go on amazon and look up resistance bands and you’ll come across loop or those with handles. If you’re a truck driver or traveler the type with the handles will serve you best. The offer the ability to do various exercises and take up almost no room. I bought a set of black mountain bands when I was driving and I still use them. I recommend these, but wouldn’t say they’re a required purchase.
  • Indian Clubs – I have always followed old time strongman feats. If you go on youtube and look it up there’s all these oldtime strongmen swinging around clubs. I had the idea this would be a good way to build up my shoulder and learn a new skill. For anybody that’s crazy enough to do this it might help you. Takes up no room, weighs almost nothing. The issue is that it’s a whole new skill and I believe it’s too easy to get hurt doing if you don’t have somebody correcting your movements. I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Kettelbell – For me, as somebody that has always wanted to be strong and get stronger kettlebells felt necessary. They are not. They are bulky, take up a lot of room, and they will weigh a lot. I had a set of 30 pound kettlebells and that I did a variety of exercises with, I made them challenging but it wasn’t a totally necessary thing. This one I would recommend, but if you are looking to save money, space, and weight won’t be something that stops you.

That’s just a few things to think about.

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