Hello and welcome

We are trucking fit.

And that’s not just a funny play on words. We are committed to providing anybody looking with the proper information and tools to get fit, even if they are a truck driver.

With a background in fitness and trucking we are uniquely qualified to help truck drivers, RVers, or just regular travelers with accomplishing whatever goals they might have.

About Us

We provide nutritional advice, and daily workouts for our members.

What we can do for you

Meal Planning

Know where you’re going the next week? Where you’ll be stopping to eat? We can help you make the right choices at whatever restaurant you find yourself at.

Weight Loss

Decided you need to shed a few pounds? Our workouts and nutritional recommendations can help you get to where you want to be.

Meditation and Motivation

A big part of success is visualization. Nobody walks up to bat for the 1st time at the World Series and hasn’t visualized that moment hundreds of thousands of times in their life. We will help you visualize that moment you’re looking forward to and get you there.

Daily workouts

As a member you will receive daily workouts that will take between 15 and 45 minutes based on your time availability.

Work/Life balance

Truck  drivers don’t have it easy. You’ve got 70 hours on your clock you can work every week, having run hundreds of thousands of miles myself I can help you figure the time to get the workouts in and make the proper meal choices toward your goals.


With our online community we will hold you accountable for your fitness. We will give you the tools to get there, and the motivation to get it done but you still have to get it done.

You should know about our coaches…

Introducing Gina and Bill the coaches here at Trucking Fit. You will be dealing with both of us as a member.

Bill went to school for NASM certification and became a Truck Driver shortly afterward. He drove OTR for 18+ months running solo, team, and super solo.

Gina is a Crossfit L1 trainer with various other certifications.

Get on track now

If  we’ve peaked your interest and you want to give this a shot, go ahead and do it.

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